Baie de la baule

La Baule and its Bay

La Baule is a chic seaside town on the Atlantic coast, it is renowned for its legendary 9 km beach, stunning natural environment and architectural heritage. Explore beyond the seafront and the decor changes giving way to bespoke villas tucked away amongst the pine forest. Built by wealthy families from the beginning of the last century, each villa seems to compete in originality and prestige with carefully maintained parks and garden.

Nature lovers will adore discovering by bicycle the “wild coast” near Pouliguen.

For those searching for more privacy, many secluded coves are waiting to be discovered just beyond the ports of Pouliguen and Pornichet. From the coastal path you will easily spot the larger beaches, such as La Bonne-source Beach.

At low tide, you can crisscross between rocks and villas to reach the tip of Penchâteau, this is where the “wild coast” begins.